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The Start of a Fashion Blog

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Starting a fashion blog takes work, patience and dedication. Every fashion blogger needs to find a unique style and voice, conduct research, gather information and figure out ways to create the best content en route to a successful site. The following tips will show you how to start a fashion blog from the ground up.
Determine Your Fashion Niche

Before you write the first word or take the first photo, determine how you are different from every other fashion blogger. What’s your niche?

Then make it real.
Your fashion blog should feature you. Let people know who you are and why your thoughts matter.
Tell a story. Is it a daily journal of what you wear, how to shop or how to wear accessories? Develop a continuing story.
Take risks and don’t be afraid to be different. If your blog is about things you truly care about then others will relate to you.

Janelle Paige's blog, which highlights a mix of iconic brand pieces and wearable fashion, combines photos and videos that show what's she's wearing. The photography is beautiful, the fashion looks like something almost any woman would wear and her tips are easy to follow.

Create a Name

Develop a blog name that’s fun, catchy and relates to fashion. Then buy a domain to match.

Research other fashion blogs to get an idea of names that are already out there – you don’t want to steal – and to find names that are overused. Think about the niche you have envisioned and develop a short phrase that embodies your interpretation of the category.

A good name will clue users in on your fashion sense, personality and blogging style. You might come up with a handful of names before settling on one. Do some research and ask your friends for advice, "When you think of me and fashion, what words come to mind?"

Brunch on Chestnut is fun, unique and comes with a matching domain. The shorter blog headline "Brunch" is simple, easy to remember and defines what blogger Ashley Kane is writing about, a mix of style and fashion for both you and your home.

Develop a Style

Every successful fashion blog must have a unique style. A good blogging style matches your fashion sense. Are you traditional and classic or funky and modern?

Develop the style of your content along those guidelines. Consider what the main content will look like. Is your blog mostly text, images or video? How will you tell your fashion story? Consider the language you will use and who is most likely to interact with your blog.

Wolftress has developed a distinctive appeal with images and design in a blog that highlights trends and fashions available from the brand. While every image is strikingly different, they all have a look that clues users into the fact they are visiting a uniquely styled blog. This is accomplished with artistic and editorial photography along with minimalist design theme throughout the blog.

Publish Great Content

It may sound simple, but the most important thing you will do as a fashion blogger is publish great content. Great content starts with personality.

Keep users engaged by publishing on a cycle. Will you post daily, weekly or on another schedule? Plan it in advance and stick to it.

Before you publish the first post, create a stockpile of blog entries to publish one-by-one. It can be tough developing content, so have an arsenal of fashion posts that are ready to go (this will come in handy the first time you are overextended or just need a day off).

Every fashion blog should include:

Plenty of photos or videos
A unique spin on common ideas
Timely content about trends and popular fashion
Evergreen content you can publish any time or go to when there’s nothing new
Tips and tricks. Teach users how to be more fashionable (or avoid faux pas)

Saddle and Suede tells stories from two points of view with a husband-and-wife team that writes about fashion, home and life. A unique spin that really elevates the content quality and helps drive more readers to the blog.

Leverage Social Media

Your fashion blogging plan must include social media promotion. From integrating sharing tools to posting about your blog and encouraging others to share, every piece of content should find a life socially.

Fashion bloggers are turning to social media to be part of a larger conversation. Instagram is a great platform for fashion bloggers because it is designed for photos. You need to employ a mix of traditional blogging and social media for the best results.

Howl includes social media share and comment buttons with every post and image. (Note the "Pin It" icons throughout). Plus, the photos are distinctive enough that readers want to share them.

Carrie Cousins
Carrie is a designer, writer and content marketer. She works full time in college media at EMCVT and has more than 10 years of media and marketing experience.

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